Mann i fengsel stikker hendene ut gjennom gitteret

"It wasn't my fault" – 13 men about femicide

The killing of women and girls is such a big problem in Latin America that a number of countries have incorporated femicide into their penal code. A study from Buenos Aires looks at how the killers account for their crimes.

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Jente kjører snowboard på fjelltopp

Fewer women reach the peak in snowboarding

When it comes to snowboarding, women are in the minority of top athletes, coaches, referees and in the boardroom. New research reveals how invisible structures help maintain an unequal gender balance in the sport.

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Barn i døråpning

Killer children arouse our underlying fears

They kill with pigtails and dresses, and they shoot down members of their family in tight, sensual clothes. But the motifs of the murderous children we encounter in literature remain mysterious, says literary scholar.

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Mari Teigen: Likes protest but in moderation

Armed with hard facts, Mari Teigen, as head of CORE – the Centre for Research on Gender Equality – has dedicated her career to investigating how gender plays out in the structure of society.

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AI is trained using old, gender-conservative data

However, in a recent report on artificial intelligence in the public sector, only three per cent of the participants believe that new technology increases the risk of discrimination. The lack of awareness is alarming, says one of the authors. 

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Mannlige ishockeyspillere på det svenske laget Halmstad Hammers

Profit-seeking in ice hockey may reinforce macho behaviour

Swedish ice hockey players seemed more prone to macho behavior on Instagram than their Norwegian counterparts. This may be because ice hockey is a national sport in Sweden, which means more professionalisation and commercialisation, according to researchers.

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De ti jomfruer

Women in the parables were not just props

Even Martin Luther was more concerned with female characters in the parables than modern researchers have been, according to Ellen Aasland Reinertsen. In her doctoral thesis, she focuses on the Bible's marginalised virgins and slave women.

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Magdalene Laundries

When the state apologises, history must be rewritten

When victims of state abuse achieve recognition, the identity of the entire people will change, according to Eirik Vatnøy. He has analysed the rhetoric of an Irish rights campaign for women detained in Catholic laundries.

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Ine Eriksen Søreide

Avoided the f-word as foreign minister

Canada, Mexico and  Sweden in particular, are examples of countries that used the term "feminist" as part of their foreign policy. The fact that Ine Eriksen Søreide did not do so suited both her and Norway just fine, says researcher Inger Skjelsbæk.

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Journalister retter mikrofoner og kamera mot intervjuobjekt

#MeToo has changed how the media portrays rape

Sexual violence happens in every country, yet journalists have often depicted it as some kind of sensation. “I wanted to find out if this changed as a consequence of the MeToo movement,” says journalist Thea Storøy Elnan.

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Tre brune ungdommer forbereder en antirasist-demonstrasjon

Racism impacts men and women differently

“Men get compared to animals and have animal sounds shouted at them, while girls and women are more likely to encounter contempt because of their appearance,” says Cora Alexa Døving. She is the editor of a new book about racism in Norway.

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Eva Gerdts

Medical studies disregard sex differences

A new report from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (FHI) shows that less than half of studies on the effect of medical treatment have looked at sex differences. “We must stop thinking that biological differences between men and women can fit in a bikini,” says Professor Eva Gerdts. 

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