About Kilden

About Kilden

Kilden genderresearch.no is a national knowledge centre for gender perspectives and gender balance in research. We disseminate and promote research on gender, and we function as a hub for gender researchers and all others interested in research on gender and equality.

On our webpages, you may find the basic knowledge needed to develop anything from school presentations and master theses to new policies or innovative services rooted in research with gender perspectives. We communicate in various ways. In addition to running an independent news magazine disseminating research, we organise seminars and debates, conduct knowledge overviews, develop and run websites – often in collaboration with others. 

We collaborate with academic communities and special interest organisations from all over the country, and have a wide Nordic and European network.

Kilden was established by The Research Council of Norway in 1998 as Kvinne- og kjønnsforskningens InformasjonsLinje og Dokumentasjonsenhet i Norge (KILDEN) (Women and Gender Research Information Line and Documentation Unit in Norway). Today we are a professionally independent unit administratively integrated as a part of the Research Council. Kilden consists of six people in permanent positions. 

Read about Kilden’s mandate here.

The website genderresearch.no

At genderresearch.no, you will find an overview of research communities, degree programmes and other academic activities within the field of gender research in Norway.

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The news magazine

The news magazine is an independent online newspaper disseminating in-depth research journalism on gender and equality. We write about research results, research policies and the use of research, primarily from Norway. We cover a number of different academic disciplines and topics, as long as they concern gender or have a gender perspective.

The news magazine follows the Norwegian Editorial Guidelines and The Ethical Code of Practice for the Norwegian Press, and is a member of Fagpressen (the specialist press). Editor-in-chief is director of Kilden Linda Marie Rustad.

Journal of Gender Research

An interdisciplinary, scientific journal that appears four times a year. The journal publishes peer-reviewed articles, commentaries, debate articles and book reviews. It is recognised at level 1 in the Norwegian Register for Scientific Journals, Series and Publishers.

Kilden publishes Journal of Gender Research in collaboration with Universitetsforlaget (The University Press), with financial support from the Research Council of Norway. The journal is a member of Norsk Tidsskriftforening (Norwegian Journal Association).

Women’s history

The website kvinnehistorie.no (in Norwegian only) presents Norwegian history from a women’s perspective. Here you may read about how women obtained the right to vote, the Norwegian labour movement, women’s struggle for elective abortion, and central characters who have had an impact on Norwegian women’s history from 1850 until our time. 

There is need for more historical sources on women’s lives and contribution to society and its development. We are continuously working in order to make more historical sources accessible for researchers, among other things through collaboration with the Women’s Museum at Kongsvinger, the National Library and others.


The primary website on gender balance and diversity in Norwegian academia. Commissioned by Committee for Gender Balance and Diversity in Research, Kilden has developed and run kifinfo since 2005. The committee is appointed by the Ministry of Education and Research. At kifinfo, you will find news articles, statistics and other resources related to gender balance and ethnic diversity.  

Our competence

Kilden undertakes both small and large assignments within the fields of gender and equality. We collaborate with local, national and international actors. Our competence is within:

  • Research journalism
  • Gender perspectives in research
  • Gender balance in research
  • Integration of gender and equality in research and academia
  • Development and operation of websites
  • Communication consulting, particularly within research communication
  • Organising and marketing professional events
  • Information work and developing information material
  • Social media
  • Knowledge overviews, fact sheets and reports
  • Courses on research journalism and norm critical communication

Overview of projects.

International work

Kilden’s English name is Kilden genderresearch.no. We translate a selection of news articles into English and disseminate Norwegian and Nordic research on gender through social media.

Kilden participates in European projects and networks. We are a member of  ATGENDER - The European Association for Gender Research, Education and Documentation and WINE - Women’s Information Network of Europe. We are an observer of RINGS - The International Research Association of Institutions of Advanced Gender Studies.

We participate in GENDER-NETPlus and Gender Equality Academy, both projects funded by the EU Commission’s research program Horizon 2020.

Director of Kilden genderresearch.no Linda Marie Rustad is a member of the expert group for the European Commission project Gendered Innovations.

Privacy protection

Our privacy statement describes how Kilden genderresearch.no processes personal data (Norwegian only).