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International cooperation

Kilden’s international work takes place on many fronts, both through EU collaboration and network activities.

Kilden participates in a number of international networks and projects, we communicate Norwegian research abroad, and we initiate contact between international researchers and Norwegian research communities.

Activity in this field has increased in Europe because the EU Research and Innovation Framework Programme has intensified its focus on the integration of the gender dimension and gender balance in research and innovation. Kilden is part of this work through our participation in several European projects funded by the EU where research dissemination and promotion of gender equality are important. Dissemination takes the form of sharing good practice in the field, training and courses, reports and news reporting.

Kilden is a partner in GENDERACTIONplus (2022-2024) funded by the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme. Kilden is also partner in the EEA Grant funded project Gender-In, a cooperation with The Greek Association of University Women (ELEGYP). Both projects deals with the gender dimension in research. Previous European projects include, among others, GENDER-NET Plus (2017-2022) and Gender Equality Academy (2019-2021), both funded by European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. As part of Gender Equality Academy, Kilden took part in the organizing of webinars on gender perspectives in research (via YouTube).

Director of Kilden Linda Marie Rustad was a member of the expert group Gendered Innovations, which was part of the EU research programme Horizon 2020’s SwafS programme. The result of the group's work was published in the report "How inclusive analysis contributes to research and innovation" (2020).

Read the report from the expert group.

Read the fact sheet from the expert group.

Kilden produced a report on assignment for the EU-funded project Certification-Award Systems to Promote Gender Equality in Research, CASPER. The assignment entailed mapping the Norwegian framework for evaluation of higher education and gender equality and diversity work in academia.


There are other similar units to Kilden in Europe, and we have a history of cooperating with them. Based on our wish to strengthen this cooperation, we have mapped the units in question.

Kilden also takes part in several European networks. We are a member of ATGENDER – The European Association for Gender Research, Education and Documentation, as well as of WINE – Women’s Information Network of Europe. We are observers in RINGS – The International Research Association of Institutions of Advanced Gender Studies. We are also part of NING – the Nordic Information Network for Gender, which is a network of Nordic gender equality information offices.


Kilden’s English name is Kilden We translate a selection of news stories into English and disseminate Norwegian and Nordic research on gender in English via social media.

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