Most read articles from Kilden in 2023

The five most read articles in 2023 covered a variety of issues: from fatherhood and paternity tests; intimacy among whalers in the early 20th century to the treatment of gender dysphoria. 

Livet ombord på et flytende kokeri. Tre menn er utkledd som kvinner
n a new book about the Norwegian whaling industry, Espen Ytreberg describes a life of untold toil, blood and gore, and the camaraderie found in this extreme and male-dominated environment. In certain situations, there was room to challenge traditional gender roles, and to have a more playful and exploratory relationship with both masculinity and femininity, especially when it came to festivities. Photo: Arvid Schou Trogstad / The Whaling Museum's photo collection Fotograf: Arvid Schou Trogstad / Hvalfangsmuseets fotosamling

1. When DNA tests show that dad is not the father

"As the law currently stands, there is no limit to how long one of the biological or social parents can withhold information about biological parenthood," a law professor warns.

2.  #MeToo has changed how the media portrays rape

Sexual violence happens in every country, yet journalists have often depicted it as some kind of sensation. “I wanted to find out if this changed as a consequence of the MeToo movement,” says journalist Thea Storøy Elnan.

3.  Whalers dressed up as women and slept snugly together

At the same time, life on the whaling vessels was both boring and extremely dangerous, according to Espen Ytredal.

4. A twofold understanding of gender may have led to overtreatment of transgender people

“The binary view of gender was particularly dominant in the 1950s,” says Ketil Slagstad. He has written a paper on the history of trans medicine.

5. Killer children arouse our underlying fears

They kill with pigtails and dresses, and they shoot down members of their family in tight, sensual clothes. But the motifs of the murderous children we encounter in literature remain mysterious, says literary scholar.

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