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Gender equality

Climate crisis, the green transition, migration and security policy are some of the challenges that research including the gender dimension must play a role in resolving.

Kilden works in different ways with many issues related to gender equality and the communication and dissemination of knowledge about this field.

The coronavirus pandemic is one example of a challenge facing society where including the gender dimension is important. In spring 2020, the Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs (Bufdir) tasked us with managing the work of preparing documentation and recommendations regarding the consequences of Covid-19 for gender equality in Norway in the areas of violence against women as well as the labour market and economy. We were also asked to look at how gender equality preparedness can be strengthened in the long term. You can read more about this work here (Norwegian only).

We also work with gender equality issues through our annual conference. This conference is an annual forum where researchers, special interest organisations and the authorities can meet to discuss various social issues concerning gender and gender equality. The first annual conference was held in 2021 and the topic of the conference was Gender equality in the green transition (Information in Norwegian only). In 2022 the topic for our conference will be Gender equality for the future (Information in Norwegian only). 

In addition, gender equality is often a topic for our research reviews. You can check out some of them here:

What do we know about artificial intelligence and gender equality?

What's gender equality got to do with nature management?

Gender equality and the green transition of the labour market

Trine Rogg Korsvik

Senior Adviser

Articles from Kilden's independent news magazine and the Journal of Gender Research

Mari Teigen: Likes protest but in moderation

13 July 2023

Armed with hard facts, Mari Teigen, as head of CORE – the Centre for Research on Gender Equality – has dedicated her career to investigating how gender plays out in the structure of society.

Gender quotas on corporate boards? Norwegian researchers share their views

21 August 2023

The Norwegian government wants to introduce requirements for gender balance on private boards, but do gender quotas really work? Read what researchers in the field think of the proposal.

Avoided the f-word as foreign minister

31 March 2023

Canada, Mexico and  Sweden in particular, are examples of countries that used the term "feminist" as part of their foreign policy. The fact that Ine Eriksen Søreide did not do so suited both her and Norway just fine, says researcher Inger Skjelsbæk.

The speaking subject: A conversation with Toril Moi

9 December 2022

"I believe that any sentence you utter is an expression of a judgment. It’s a judgment of how you see the world", Toril Moi says.

Changing perspectives in gender equality research

24 August 2022
A new report has identified trends and knowledge gaps in Norwegian scientific publications on gender equality and diversity in research and innovation. According to the report, it is not a given that measures aimed at gender equality are also effective when it comes to ethnic diversity.

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