Utgave: 2-3/2023 Kjønn og vold

Lucas Gottzén, Margunn Bjørnholt og Floretta Boonzaier (red.): Men, Masculinities and Intimate Partner Violence

Bilde av forsiden til Tidsskrift for kjønnsforskning 2-3-23


The anthology Men, Masculinities and Intimate Partner Violence focuses on varied connections between gender and experiences of and responses to intimate partner violence (IPV). The overarching aim of the book is to respond to recent controversies around gender and IPV by attending to «what masculinity has to do with violence and, more specifically, what contemporary, critical masculinity studies has to offer research and work on intimate partner violence» (p. 1). Many of the contemporary controversies revolve around adopting an inclusive approach to IPV, which has often translated into a lack of attunement to power imbalances and gendered and intersectional differences in IPV perpetration and victimisation. Contrary to these tendencies, this anthology foregrounds questions of gender and power with a sensitivity towards their multifaceted enactments. This, I argue, is where its key contribution lies. [...]

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Dette er en Open Access artikkel distribuert under vilkårene Creative Commons CC-BY-NC 4.0 

DOI: https://www.idunn.no/doi/10.18261/tfk.47.2.8


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