Circumcision method creates confusion

A less invasive form of circumcision is becoming more common among Norwegian-Somalis, but the women have very different ideas of what it entails.

Medical studies disregard sex differences

A new report from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (FHI) shows that less than half of studies on the effect of medical treatment have looked at sex differences. “We must stop thinking that biological differences between men and women can fit in a bikini,” says Professor Eva Gerdts. 

“We are not certain why endometriosis occurs”

According to specialists, more knowledge about causes, more funding, and more education may provide better treatment of the condition currently affecting one in ten women.

Women more severely affected by tinnitus than men are

More men than women are affected by ear buzz, but the consequences are greater for women. Women also have a higher risk of severe hereditary tinnitus, according to a research project.

Hopes for increased attention to side effects among women

Sabine Oertelt-Prigione hopes that the pandemic and vaccination will make people more aware of sex differences in medicine.

Award to MA thesis on embodied experiences of motherhood

We often focus on the body when thinking about pregnancy, birth, and the first months with a new baby. But what about when mothers return to work? Sunniva Rivedal’s master's thesis shows how the body plays a central role in maternal experiences of caring for young children.

“Pandemics affect women and men differently”

Our knowledge about previous pandemics gives us invaluable information on how to handle today’s corona pandemic, according to researchers.

Research gaps in sexual violence against girls and women in sub-Saharan Africa

Sexual violence is a human rights issue and a women's health issue. Without adequate research-based knowledge, neither health services nor the justice system can offer victims the help they need.

Still embarrassing to talk about menstruation

“Norwegian women are perhaps not as modern and liberated today as we like to think,” says researcher Camilla Mørk Røstvik. She has examined how women – and some men – describe their experiences with menstruation in the twentieth century.

Historic debate moved Argentina closer to the legalisation of abortion

On 8 August, a proposal to legalise elective abortion was debated and rejected in Argentina’s highest legislative body. Despite the decision, Argentina has shown itself as a democracy with room for female voices, according to researcher Camila Gianella.

Major gender gap in health research

Women’s bodies are different from men’s. We need more knowledge to better understand women’s health, says medical doctor and Professor Johanne Sundby. She finds support in a new report on the same topic.

Pregnant women are scared away from hospitals in Nicaragua

In Nicaragua, the authorities want more women to give birth in hospital. The aim for better figures overshadow the quality of the health care service to poor women, according to Birgit Kvernflaten.

The contraceptive pill: A story of sexual liberation and dubious research methods

In 1967, Norwegian women were finally allowed to decide for themselves when to get pregnant. The contraceptive pill has had enormous significance for women’s emancipation, but researchers doubt whether it would have been approved today.

How do gender perspectives in migration health look like?

We ask Abdi Gele, Research Director at the National Expertise Center for Migration and Minority Health (NAKMI).

Eternal witch-hunt for the fat body

“The fat body carries a secret that has to be revealed at all costs; it is a living symptom that something has ‘gone wrong’,” says Camilla Bruun Eriksen. She has studied the representation of fat bodies in popular culture.


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