Girls beaten by their boyfriend avoid the word ‘violence’

19 April 2017
Young women who have experienced violence may be difficult to detect. In online reader’s queries, they try to put what is going on in their relationship into words.

Taking back the body with new clitoris

20 October 2016
In Sweden, circumcised women are offered a new kind of operation. But it is yet unknown how well it works.

Inequalities in health: Men die, women suffer

4 February 2016
Nordic men need to start seeing the doctor before it is too late. Nordic women need to become better at talking about their work environment. And the politicians who are crafting tomorrow’s health policy need to put on their gender spectacles, state researchers.

When sex becomes impossible due to burning pain in and around the vulva

6 January 2016
Women with vestibulodynia feel that they’re missing out on the wonderful sex that the media boasts of. And they’re ashamed of being poor sexual partners.

At the limit of what a person can bear

12 October 2015
Most pregnant women whose foetus is proven to have a genetic abnormality choose to have an abortion, but reaching that decision is a painful, exhausting process for most of them. “The women’s doubt, pain and sorrow make abortion more moral – in the eyes of society as well as her own,” says Sølvi Marie Risøy, a researcher at the University of Bergen.

Muscles and medicine

5 October 2015
According to doctors during the interwar period, wide hips made women unsuitable for running long distances. In her recent doctoral thesis, Kerstin Bornholdt looks at how researchers reached conclusions like this.

Hit by the baby blues

5 October 2015
Many Norwegian women postpone pregnancy until they have completed their education and are well established on their career path. This may make them more vulnerable to postpartum depression.

“Heart disease is the number one killer of women in Norway”

5 October 2015
More research is carried out on breast cancer than on women’s heart attack. Even though heart attack kills more women.

Annoying body fluids

29 September 2015
They are “disgusting” to talk about and should not be visible on the outside of your clothing. And they should flow easily and naturally. Norwegian researchers from several different fields have now written a book on menstruation and breast milk.

Weight loss surgery increases social acceptance, but the body remains problematic

25 September 2015
All of a sudden the once obese women are treated with respect in society. But underneath the clothes the skin is saggy and it takes a long time to become familiar with the “new” stomach.

The women's cancer nobody talks about

16 September 2015
They’re thrown into menopause in their twenties, lose the possibility to have biological children, and struggle with their sex life. But they don't talk about it. For while breast cancer is business, pink ribbons and celebrities - gynecological cancer is still taboo.

ME: The male disorder that became a female disorder

28 August 2015
Previously long-term exhaustion was considered a male disorder caused by societal pressures. Today women comprise the majority of ME patients, and they feel that their condition is their own fault.

Shorter waiting time and earlier abortions due to abortion pill

24 August 2015
Nearly all abortions in Norway today are performed with the abortion pill Mifepristone. This has resulted in shorter waiting time, earlier abortions, and the possibility to have abortions at home.

Bringing HIV into the family

12 December 2008
HIV and AIDS strike more African women than men, and the consequences of being open about one’s disease may be greater for women. Norwegian researchers have looked at how this affects whether women in Malawi show up for prenatal check-ups.

Listen to your body

27 November 2008
The health authorities claim that pelvic girdle pain is a common complaint during pregnancy. Pregnant women online take it a bit more seriously.

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