Female musicians ride the Norwegian country wave

Country music is often portrayed through masculine stereotypes. Nevertheless, female musicians have helped define the genre’s development in Norway, researchers say.

"It wasn't my fault" – 13 men about femicide

The killing of women and girls is such a big problem in Latin America that a number of countries have incorporated femicide into their penal code. A study from Buenos Aires looks at how the killers account for their crimes.

Whalers dressed up as women and slept snugly together

At the same time, life on the whaling vessels was both boring and extremely dangerous, according to one researcher.

Profit-seeking in ice hockey may reinforce macho behaviour

Swedish ice hockey players seemed more prone to macho behavior on Instagram than their Norwegian counterparts. This may be because ice hockey is a national sport in Sweden, which means more professionalisation and commercialisation, according to researchers.

Fascism and Masculine Ideals – Thoughts on the Russian War in Ukraine

It may be fitting to observe the war in Ukraine through the lens of gender equality, according to Erik Melander.

Most read articles from Kilden genderresearch.no in 2020

An article about masculinity in Norwegian black metal was the most read in Kilden's newsmagazine in 2020.

Munch and the myth of the genius

Art historian and curator Lars Toft-Eriksen explores the idea of Munch as an artistic genius and how this idea was connected to gender and expressions of gender in his time.

Who cares for the men who are left behind?

We need more research and less scorn, and a better understanding of the incel phenomenon in order to prevent radicalisation, writes Leif Edward Ottesen Kennair

Changing masculinity in Norwegian black metal

In Norwegian black metal, monstrous images of hyper-masculinity is emphasised. This has given many fans power over their own identity.

Cool to be queer in the Norwegian music scene

Norwegian musicians make careers from experimenting with queer gender identities. According to musicologist Agnete Eilertsen, pop music shows that the gender norms are changing although there is still a shortage of queer musicians.

Cash's masculine vulnerability

It is OK for men to show vulnerability as long as it is related to a past they can control. This is how the researcher Eirik Askerøi interprets the musician Johnny Cash.

The dress is challenging the suit as the ultimate power outfit

Well-respected female leaders in Norway dress in a traditionally feminine way. This may change the way we perceive feminine signs and symbols, according to researchers.

Minority girls are doing well, it's the boys who are struggling

Girls with immigrant background are cheered on by their friends, teachers, parents, and the general society, while their brothers drop out of school. According to a new doctoral thesis, minority boys are the ones who experience most hardship.

Old farms, new men

When traditional Norwegian farming is converted to nature-based agritourism, the gender roles on the farm change. Often the women become the general managers, while the men take over in the kitchen.

Being scrawny is not an option

A dedicated football player, a disciplined martial arts practitioner or a respected weightlifter? According to a recent Norwegian study, young girls are most concerned with their appearance as they become teenagers, but boys must do something to become young men. Their choice of activity is also a choice of masculine identity. 



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