6 May 2022
How will gender equality efforts in the research sector evolve as we take more and more groups into consideration?
12 March 2021
The French philosopher Simone de Beauvoir’s analysis of the oppression of women may be applied to explain oppression of elderly people today, says Tove Pettersen.
9 March 2020
According to a recent study, women and men have equal chances to move up professionally in academia as a whole. There are, however, a number of systematic differences.
22 May 2019
That the EU affects Norwegian gender equality policies has mostly proven to be a good thing. But an individual-oriented policy puts pressure on the social democratic approach, say researchers.
14 March 2019
A new report shows that twice as many LGBT people are victims of discrimination and exclusion as the rest of the population. The risk increases even more among those with minority characteristics.
25 April 2017
A survey of rape convictions in Norway reveals systematic discrimination of men with minority background and of women.
2 November 2016
Girls are sent out of the queue because they’re not cool enough. Female DJs don’t get gigs because the music they play is “too feminine”. According to music researcher, discrimination of women is common in the club scene.
9 September 2016
Exclusion during the student days may result in lower ambitions when entering the job market. In bioengineering, male students with minority background are struggling the most.
4 March 2013

The Norwegian Gender Equality Act has become a model for expanding the protection against discrimination in other areas as well. In this way the Act has strengthened anti-discrimination laws in general.

1 December 2011

Minorities must be “sufficiently Norwegian” and “understand the Norwegian mindset” if they want to run for local political office. Not least, they need to show that they support gender equality. Are minority women judged differently than minority men? Yes, according to sociologist Beret Bråten.

28 April 2011

When a black lesbian is passed by at the workplace, is that a case of discrimination against women? Of gay people? Or because of her race? Or a stereotype that the three elements create in combination? Norwegian researchers Mari Teigen and Liza Reisel are looking into whether legislation can tackle compound discrimination of this sort.

15 February 2011

Despite the increasing awareness about multidimensional discrimination, neither the legislators nor the monitoring agencies are sufficiently well equipped to handle this problem, according to professor of political science Hege Skjeie.


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