Kilden is a national knowledge centre for gender perspectives and gender balance in research. We cooperate with a broad range of partners and serve as a forum where researchers, the authorities and civil society meet.


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Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is expected to open up great opportunities for society, but what do we know about artificial intelligence and gender equality?

Gender Equality in Research in Europe

Kilden has mapped similarities and differences among European knowledge centres that work with gender perspectives and gender balance in research.

Master suppression techniques

Master suppression techniques are strategies people or groups of people can use to dominate or humiliate others in a subtle, indirect way.

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Where are the boys in climate action? How to break the bubbles and join forces

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Young people are vital agents for a just green transition, but participation varies across social identities and backgrounds. Men and boys tend to be less interested in both sustainability and gender equality than women and girls. How can we strengthen the conscious and committed, while also bringing underrepresented voices to the table? Nordregio (a research centre established by the Nordic Council of Ministers) invites to a webinar and launching of a new report by Nordic Information on Gender (NIKK) and Nordregio. Key insights on how we can approach inclusivity and diversity based on interviews with Nordic youth organisations will be provided.

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General course 2024: The National Research School in Gender Research

Trondheim | til |

The National Research School organizes a PhD course in gender research. The course focuses on intersectionality as a concept, theory and methodology in gender studies. It will deal with questions about how inequality-creating social differentiations such as gender, class, ethnicity, race, sexuality are mutually constituent. Based on their own PhD projects, the participants will include the intersectionality perspective as an analytical strategy in the form of fellow-driven workshops supported by teachers.

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Hel forside Tidsskrift for kjønnsforskning 2-24 med grafisk illustrasjon i rosa, hvitt og grønt i bølgende former

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