The five master suppression techniques

(Facsimile from Berit Ås' book Kvinner i alle land... Håndbok i frigjøring, where the master suppression techniques are described.)

Master suppression techniques are strategies people or groups of people can use to dominate or humiliate others in a subtle, indirect way.

The five master suppression techniques are Berit Ås' popularization of a framework articulated in 1945 by the Norwegian psychologist and philosopher Ingjald Nissen.

Master suppression techniques are exercised through speech, tone of voice, body language and other forms of interaction. The techniques are used in all arenas where people exercise power - in working life, family life, politics and the public sphere.

Today, the term master suppression techniques has become part of Norwegian everyday speech. The term is also well known in a range of other countries.

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