PhD dissertations

Reading Nikolai Astrup's paintings in light of his mother's art

29 June 2023

A recent doctoral thesis highlights new perspectives on the famous painter. In particular, the influence of his mother, wife and handicraft provides new insights into his oeuvre.

Is the term ‘intersectionality’ being misused?

24 January 2022
A new doctoral dissertation by Amund Rake Hoffart takes a critical look at how theoreticians discuss intersectionality in academia.

Paternal leave does not alter stubborn gender roles

31 August 2021
The father’s quota of the parental leave and recruitment of male employees in kindergartens do not challenge gender roles at home or in work life, according to a new PhD dissertation.

Ancient objects shed new light on women’s role in the Viking raids

13 January 2021
Kitchen equipment from the British Isles has been found in graves belonging to Viking women from aristocratic families. “We can gain new knowledge about women’s participation in the Viking raids by posing new questions to old findings,” according to researcher.

Munch and the myth of the genius

15 October 2020
Art historian and curator Lars Toft-Eriksen explores the idea of Munch as an artistic genius and how this idea was connected to gender and expressions of gender in his time.

Arabic women’s football: supported by the regime, but still breaking social norms

30 January 2020
Norms and legislation strictly limit women's lives in Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Nevertheless, women find ways to realise themselves – like by playing football.

Gender issues are ridiculed and sabotaged in the military

25 October 2019
The masculine culture in the Norwegian Armed Forces is a democratic problem. This makes it difficult to work with issues related to gender, according to researcher.

“The urban space is sexualised and misogynistic”

5 June 2019
“Our unconsciousness is shaped by sexist messages from advertisements. The public urban space in one of the world’s most gender equal countries is not designed for women,” according to social geographer Emma Arnold.

Therapy can help men stop domestic violence

30 April 2019
It is not given that violent men who get therapy will stop their behaviour. A decisive factor for success is that the therapist and the client have a common understanding of the problem, according to researcher Bente Lømo.

Men are more often than women fooled by placebo

26 March 2019
It was not until the 1990s that researchers fully began to include both genders in health research. Sara Magelssen Vambheim has contributed with valuable new insights in her study of gender differences in pain experiences.

Calls for a revival of the artist Hannah Ryggen

15 February 2019
“What was written about Hannah Ryggen in the eighties and nineties does not reflect the quality of her art and her significance during her own time,” according to art historian Marit Paasche.

Domestic violence is a gendered problem

17 October 2018
The way in which we understand violence against women has changed, according to researcher Linda Sjåfjell. It used to be perceived as a gender equality problem, whereas today we explain it in more individual terms.

Whiteness and racism in Scandinavian poetry

22 May 2018
Xenophobia, double standards and guilt are central themes in the poetry collections that Kristina Leganger Iversen has studied. The fact that the works have received mixed reviews from the critics has been an important prerequisite for the project.

Pregnant women are scared away from hospitals in Nicaragua

11 April 2018
In Nicaragua, the authorities want more women to give birth in hospital. The aim for better figures overshadow the quality of the health care service to poor women, according to Birgit Kvernflaten.

Mum takes more responsibility for the children, even in gender equal couples

13 October 2017
The social and moral responsibility for the children lies primarily with the mother, particularly at celebrations and festive seasons, according to Kristine Warhuus Smeby.

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