Queer theory

How the AIDS epidemic changed Norway

According to historians, the Norwegian authorities reacted differently to the AIDS epidemic than other Western countries.

Won MA thesis award for new reading of Japanese novel

Thea Johanne Prytz Hammarqvist has written about a hundred-year-old Japanese novel that challenged the idea of heterosexual marriage as the only correct choice for women.

Queer lives find their way to the museum

How have the limits for what is considered acceptable sexuality been drawn and negotiated through history? This is the question we need to ask in order to understand not only the past, but also our present, according to Tone Hellesund.

The rocky road to sex change treatment in Norway

In the 1950s, the first successful gender reassignment treatment was carried out. Since then, major developments have taken place within medicine and law, but also when it comes to our perceptions of gender, according to historian Sigrid Sandal.

Cool to be queer in the Norwegian music scene

Norwegian musicians make careers from experimenting with queer gender identities. According to musicologist Agnete Eilertsen, pop music shows that the gender norms are changing although there is still a shortage of queer musicians.

Hidden lesbian lives in façade marriages

Lesbian women in China want to be as normal as possible. This involves being married to a man. If you’re not married in China there’s something wrong with you.

Hidden stories about sex and gender in the new Norwegian Queer Archive

Norway's new Queer Archive is burgeoning with hidden stories about sex and gender transgressions, just waiting for researchers to dig in and explore.


Alm, Erika and Elisabeth Lund Engebretsen (ed.)

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