28 April 2020
Attacks on gender researchers’ academic freedom can have fatal consequences, according to Sunniva Folgen Høiskar and Linda Marie Rustad.
20 November 2019
Gender equality generates better results within research and innovation. In addition, EU bureaucrats argue that European research funding should be earmarked with specific requirements for gender perspectives.
20 February 2018
More boys than girls begin school a year late and more girls than boys begin a year early. But researchers are not certain whether maturity is the explanation.
29 August 2017
Boating with grandad may affect one’s choice of education just as much as gender does, according to researcher Marianne Løken. She is critical to the gender stereotypical recruitment campaigns to the hard sciences.
9 March 2017
Boys and girls perform differently at school, but researchers are uncertain whether this has to do with how they mature.
9 September 2016
Exclusion during the student days may result in lower ambitions when entering the job market. In bioengineering, male students with minority background are struggling the most.
19 January 2016
Girls with immigrant background are cheered on by their friends, teachers, parents, and the general society, while their brothers drop out of school. According to a new doctoral thesis, minority boys are the ones who experience most hardship.
19 November 2015
Reform, the Norwegian resource centre for men, has launched a new website – – to help preschool workers analyse gender in children’s literature. Do the books promote gender equality? Or do they reinforce destructive gender stereotypes?
15 December 2014

According to a new doctoral thesis, the answer to why pupils perform differently in school is not found by looking at girls and boys as separate groups.

4 July 2014

Why do we make the choices that we do? Are we born this way or have we become this way? Behavioural economists look for answers through economic and math experiments in the laboratory.

12 May 2014

There is no doubt that boys and girls perform differently at school. But simply looking at gender in order to understand why is not enough.

10 March 2014

Norwegian textbooks juxtapose a positive, liberal Norwegian sexuality with a negative non-Norwegian, often Muslim, sexuality. And nobody agrees on what racism entails or how the topic can be taught in the classroom.

17 September 2013

Boys in primary school talk about their feelings and hold hands. And they are very, very concerned about their bodies and appearance.

27 June 2012

Physics has a reputation as being only for the stereotypical nerds. According to science education researcher Maria Vetleseter Bøe, that is unfortunate both for the field and for everyone who misses out on the chance to find out how much fun physics is.

2 May 2012

“It’s about time that we explore what includes women in the ICT field and stop focusing on what excludes them,” says Knut Holtan Sørensen, who recently published a book on the topic.



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