Other PhD courses

Below you will find direct links to other PhD courses outside of the Research School:

InterGender Research school in Interdisciplinary Gender Studies, Linköping university.

The National Research School in Norway is connected to InterGender. All courses are open for Norwegian participants. View courses here. 

InterGender also organizes other meetings for PhD Candidates and Advanced MA Students. View meetings here.

Research School in Radical Interdisciplinarity, University of Stavanger.

The Graduate School of Gender Studies, Umeå university.

The doctoral programme Gender, Culture, and Society, University of Helsinki.

Graduate Gender Programme, GGeP, Utrecht University.

NOISE, Summer school in Gender Studies at The Netherlands Research School of Gender Studies (NOG), Utrecht University.


Check out Kilden's calendar for additional PhD-courses.

See the overview of all courses, workshops, and events within the gender research community in Norway in the period of 2022-2023 here.

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