The National Research School organizes a general course in gender research with teachers from the different centres for gender research in Norway. In addition, the Research School hosts various workshops. The Research School also keeps all the Nordic universities informed about all the local PhD-courses focusing on gender.

The courses offer participants the opportunity to specialize in feminist and gender theory as well as learn how to apply this knowledge in their dissertations. The participants will also get to know other PhD students who do research on various themes within gender studies. This will help them expand their networks and find likeminded individuals to share experiences with.

Assembly for PhD candidates

The Norwegian school for gender research will be hosting its annual assembly, providing PhD candidates with the opportunity to present their research, discuss it amongst each other and build network. We aim to create a forum where PhD candidates can exchange experiences and build, sustain and strengthen their research networks..

In 2023, the assembly will take place on 31 May at the University of Stavanger, the day before the conference Gender Studies Now.

Deadline for registering: 11 April

General Course

The next general course, Evoking gender, will be held Autumn 2023.


In addition to the General Course the Research School offers various workshops about writing, publishing and other topics relevant for young academics.

Local courses

The various Nordic universities offer other PhD courses that are not organised by the Research School which are also available for PhD studentss. The courses are mainly about feminist theory, gender studies and feminist research methods and includes specific themes within gender research.

The UiS Queer Research Group at The University of Stavanger is organizing several seminars where researchers based at Norwegian universities are presenting their exciting, ongoing projects. If you are interested in queer research you can sign up for news about these activities. Read more here. A Norwegian language website can be found here.

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