The National Research School organizes a general course in gender research with teachers from the different centres for gender research in Norway. In addition, the Research School hosts various workshops. The Research School also keeps all the Nordic universities informed about all the local PhD-courses focusing on gender.

The participants will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the methodological aspects of gender research, reflect on these and use them in their own theses. In addition, the participants meet other PhD students in gender research, and can exchange research-related experiences, as well as build useful networks for the future.

General Course 2024

The next general course will be arranged 11-13 September at NTNU, Trondheim.

This PhD course focuses on intersectionality as a concept, theory and methodology in gender studies. It will deal with questions about how inequality-creating social differentiations such as gender, class, ethnicity, race, sexuality are mutually constituent. Based on their own PhD projects, the participants will include the intersectionality perspective as an analytical strategy in the form of fellow-driven workshops supported by teachers. It should be emphasized that the format of the course mainly consists of workshops with two 30-minute lectures. 

Deadline for application: Upcoming

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In addition to the General Course the Research School offers various workshops about writing, publishing and other topics relevant for young academics.

Local courses

The various Nordic universities offer other PhD courses that are not organised by the Research School which are also available for PhD studentss. The courses are mainly about feminist theory, gender studies and feminist research methods and includes specific themes within gender research.

The UiS Queer Research Group at The University of Stavanger is organizing several seminars where researchers based at Norwegian universities are presenting their exciting, ongoing projects. If you are interested in queer research you can sign up for news about these activities. Read more here. A Norwegian language website can be found here.

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