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06 Sep 2021
06 Sep to 25 Oct

Join the Distributed Open Collaborative Course from the Gender Equality Academy. This DOCC is built around 7 mini-courses, representing the main thematic areas suggested by the European Commission to build a Gender Equality Plan.

05 Oct 2021
05 Oct to 04 Nov

The Nordic Centre of Excellence on women in technology-driven careers offers an online PhD course on gender and ICT in healthcare, consisting of seminars and international guest lectures. The course runs on Tuesday and Thursday mornings between October 5 - November 4.

27 Oct 2021
27 Oct

The Centre for Gender Research and the FRONT project at The University of Oslo are hosting the first event in the seminar series Gender Inequality and Precarity in Academia in the European Context. In this webinar, Sevil Sümer will discuss the concept of gendered academic citizenship.

28 Oct 2021
28 Oct to 31 Oct

The National Central Library of Taiwan, the Nordic Institute of Asian Studies and Taiwanese Feminist Scholars Association organize a conference on the strategies for and complexities in feminist transformative practices at local, regional, national and transnational levels.

29 Oct 2021
Oslo and online
29 Oct

How can we better understand men and masculinities within the Women, Peace and Security Agenda? The Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO) are bringing together a panel of researchers, policy makers, and civil society leaders to reflect and discuss their views in this seminar.

02 Nov 2021
02 Nov

Centre for Women’s and Gender Research (SKOK) at the University of Bergen invites all interested PhD-candidates to a interdisciplinary seminar, where each candidate also gets to present their work. Registration deadline 28 October.

09 Nov 2021
09 Nov to 11 Nov

This PhD course provides an advanced and critical introduction to theories of materialities in social science, and pays particular attention to indigenous studies, feminist studies and actor network theory (ANT). Application deadline for all applicants: October 15.

16 Nov 2021
16 Nov to 18 Nov

PhD course organized by InterGender, International Consortium for Interdisciplinary Feminist Research Training. This course builds on a broad understanding of feminist studies of culture and is organized around three central themes: “body”, “culture”, and “materiality”. Application deadline: 10 October, 2021. 

17 Nov 2021
Stavanger and online
17 Nov to 19 Nov

This course will introduce PhD candidates to the methodology, methods and ethics of autoethnography from the perspective of interdisciplinary queer studies. It is offered through the Research School in Radical Interdisciplinarity (ITEM), by the Centre for Gender Studies at The University of Stavanger. Application deadline: October 1, 2021.

24 Nov 2021
24 Nov to 26 Nov

The National Research School for Gender Research arranges its general course this year in Tromsø. This course is for PhD students from the humanities and social sciences who wish to deepen their research from feminist and gender studies perspectives. Application deadline June 1.

04 Dec 2021
04 Dec

Does identity politics as it is currently manifesting itself offer a suitable avenue towards social justice, or has it become a recipe for cultural antagonism, political polarization, and new forms of injustice? This online debate is arranged by the Holberg Prize, and among the participants is philosopher and gender theorist Judith Butler.

13 Dec 2021
Bergen and online
13 Dec to 15 Dec

This PhD course explores feminist visions for environmental justice and offers a framework for thinking about the intersections between feminist theory and environmental justice. It is organized by InterGender (International Consortium for Interdisciplinary Feminist Research Training) and SKOK (The Centre for Women’s and Gender Research at The University of Bergen). Application deadline: 7 November 2021.

20 Jun 2022
20 Jun to 22 Jun

The theme for the NORA (Nordic Journal of Feminist and Gender Research) Conference 2022 is “Tensions and Potentials in Nordic Feminist and Gender Research”. The aim is to provide perspectives from the Nordic region on all levels of the research field, and to make these perspectives visible in the Nordic societies as well as the international research field.

26 Oct 2022
26 Oct to 28 Oct

The next national gender studies conference in Sweden – G22 – will be held at the Centre for Gender Studies, Karlstad University, with the title “Shaping hopeful futures in times of uncertainties: the challenges and possibilities of gender studies”.