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10 Feb 2022
Uppsala and online
10 Feb to 11 Feb

The Nordic Centre of Excellence on women in technology-driven careers (NORDWIT) invites to the final project conference Challenging the Nordic Gender Paradox: Gender in the Nordic Research and Innovation Area at the Uppsala University in Sweden. Conference registration deadline: 20 January 2022.

18 Feb 2022
18 Feb

Gender and sustainability have been on the research agenda for decades. Still, there has been little systematic study of the coherence between the two themes. This seminar arranged by OsloMet aims to throw light on this topic by presentations from researchers engaged in various aspects of the field.

28 Apr 2022
Portugal and online
28 Apr to 29 Apr

Now in its fifth year this conference intends to be established in the cutting edge of gender research and welcomes everyone researching in this area to present their work to the scientific community. 

02 May 2022
02 May to 04 May

This conference samples a number of thematic fields as a guideline to address contemporary challenges of the interplay between science, technology and society, including gender, science and technology.

23 May 2022
23 May to 25 May

The NORHED II project, Partnership for Peace: Better Higher Education for Resilient Societies and the Research School on Peace and Conflict invites applications for the PhD-level course Gender, Peace and Conflict. Deadline for applications is 14 January 2022.

07 Jun 2022
07 Jun to 17 Jun

Bergen Summer Research School arranges this PhD course about feminist perspectives on gender and justice in times of environmental crises. Course leaders will be Redi Koobak and Kari Jegerstedt from the Centre for Women’s and Gender Research at the University of Bergen. Deadline for application: 1 February.

15 Jun 2022
15 Jun to 18 Jun

The 11th European Feminist Research Conference, Social Change in a Feminist Perspective: Situating Gender Research in Times of Political Contention, is taking place at the University of Milano-Bicocca in Milan, Italy.

20 Jun 2022
20 Jun to 22 Jun

The theme for the NORA (Nordic Journal of Feminist and Gender Research) Conference 2022 is “Tensions and Potentials in Nordic Feminist and Gender Research”. The aim is to provide perspectives from the Nordic region on all levels of the research field, and to make these perspectives visible in the Nordic societies as well as the international research field.

29 Aug 2022
29 Aug to 30 Aug

Neglect and erasure of queer history has been the norm in all national histories until quite recently. The Faculty of Humanities at the University of Bergen invites to an international, interdisciplinary conference on queer history.

26 Oct 2022
26 Oct to 28 Oct

The next national gender studies conference in Sweden – G22 – will be held at the Centre for Gender Studies, Karlstad University, with the title “Shaping hopeful futures in times of uncertainties: the challenges and possibilities of gender studies”.