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Fascism and Masculine Ideals – Thoughts on the Russian War in Ukraine

It may be fitting to observe the war in Ukraine through the lens of gender equality, according to Erik Melander.

Harassing humour begins among the officers

Humour has an important function for solidarity and team spirit among conscripts in the military. According to researchers, however, it may also contribute to many women leaving the military after the compulsory military service.

Gender issues are ridiculed and sabotaged in the military

The masculine culture in the Norwegian Armed Forces is a democratic problem. This makes it difficult to work with issues related to gender, according to researcher.

Returned girl soldiers in Congo are stigmatised

Congolese girl soldiers are labelled violent and sexual, also by international media and aid organisations. This hampers the girls’ reintegration, according to researcher Milfrid Tonheim.

The soldier as sexual aggressor

Soldiers can degenerate into barbarians during times of war. A political-psychological study of sexual violence committed during the Bosnian War reveals the mechanisms behind this behaviour and provides valuable insight into what can be done to prevent such transgressions in the future.

Unisex rooms made gender insignificant in the army

The researchers behind a new report on gender equality in the Norwegian army describe the phenomenon as “degenderisation”. When boys and girls shared the same room, gender was no longer significant.

Is the Norwegian military ready for female soldiers?

There is still certain scepticism towards female soldiers in the Norwegian Armed Forces. According to researcher, changes have to be made before the first set of female conscripts arrive.


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