22 November 2017
We ask Abdi Gele, Research Director at the National Expertise Center for Migration and Minority Health (NAKMI).
7 August 2017
Young Norwegian Muslims are more liberal than their parents’ generation when it comes to equality and homosexuality, but both groups find support for their view in Islam, according to Levi Geir Eidhamar’s study.
4 April 2017
When gender equality is portrayed as a uniquely Western value, immigrant Muslim women choose to embrace religion as a result, according to new research.
1 December 2016
They demonstrated in order to secure their children’s future in Norway, but the protest was used against them as mothers. “Who is allowed to be politically active and how is a much more gendered issue than we’d like to think,” says Synnøve Bendixsen.
20 October 2016
In Sweden, circumcised women are offered a new kind of operation. But it is yet unknown how well it works.
31 August 2016
According to new research, queer asylum seekers adjust to the Norwegian model in order to gain credibility by society and the authorities. The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) says that they take the applicants’ diverse sexual expressions into consideration.
17 August 2016
Men from Central and Southern Europe like the fact that the father’s quota is already negotiated and indisputable.
20 June 2016
If you are a male immigrant and marry a woman from a country other than your own, you increase your chances of a good job and a high income. This applies whether the woman you marry is Norwegian or not.
2 May 2016
Norwegian-Pakistani mothers who never got the chance to realise their ambitions on the job market have other plans for their own daughters. This particularly affects the way they raise their sons.
21 April 2016
A part-time job does not necessarily mean long-term success for integration into working life. Many immigrant women fall out of the labour market after being employed for a while.
30 March 2016
When Norwegian law meets Muslim family law, the human rights of Muslim immigrant women are violated. This is one of the findings in a new doctoral dissertation.
19 January 2016
Girls with immigrant background are cheered on by their friends, teachers, parents, and the general society, while their brothers drop out of school. According to a new doctoral thesis, minority boys are the ones who experience most hardship.
29 July 2015
Norwegian authorities describe the au pair scheme as cultural exchange. In reality, au pairs are professional housemaids with a salary as low as 69 Norwegian kroner an hour, according to researcher.
10 April 2015

Female labour migrants are criticised for abandoning their children in their home country. According to research, this stigma does not affect male migrants.

16 October 2014

The Norwegian-Pakistani daughters are raised by stay-at-home mothers in gender traditional homes. But following in their mothers footsteps is not an option. Even after having children, they return to their paid jobs.



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