National Meeting of Gender Researchers

National Meeting of Gender Researchers

The National Meeting of Gender Researchers is an arena for discussion on central questions and topics of common interest, and is organised by Kilden and the Association for Gender Research in Norway.

Representatives from centres and networks for women’s and gender research at universities and university colleges, as well as other interested parties, meet once a year in order to update each other on recent events and developments, as well as to discuss research policy, coordination and development of education, reseachers-courses and university politics.

The meetings started in the eighties. In 2002 The National Academic Council for Gender Research was established, and now manages some of the functions previously held by the National Meeting.

The National Meeting for 2020 will be held digitally September 17th.

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The same day as this meeting, The Centre for Gender Studies at The University of Stavanger will be hosting two meetings for gender studies teachers and scholars concerning education. If you are interested to know more about the meetings please write to

The annual meeting of the National Academic Council for Gender Research, will as usual take place the next day, September 18th. This meeting will also be held digitally.