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14 des 2017
14 des til 15 des

his conference aims to refine the theoretical understanding of social and cultural processes regarding the formation of ethnicities and ethnic diversity.

11 jan 2018
11 jan

Vi inviterer våre kolleger og venner til Nyttårsselskap på Senter for Tverrfaglig kjønnsforskning. Det blir nyttårsforedrag, mat og drikke og utdeling av pris for beste masteroppgave i 2017.

19 feb 2018
19 feb

A two-day workshop organised by ANSER - Academic Network for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Policy INSEP - International Network for Sexual Ethics and Politics.

07 mar 2018
07 mar til 09 mar

We invite you to send in abstracts to the session Family and intimate relationships, at the Swedish Sociological association Sociologidagarna 2018!

21 mar 2018
21 mar

21.-23. mars, 2018. Det kjønnede arktiske landskapet – komparative studier av likestilling og bærekraft i nordlige rom.

05 apr 2018
05 apr

Researchers from all academic disciplines researching music and musical culture are invited to discuss these questions theoretically, methodologically, pedagogically, and artistically.

18 apr 2018
18 apr til 20 apr
University of Tampere, Gender Studies

The course is meant for Masters Students, Doctoral Students, and Postdoctoral Researchers. The maximum number of all participants is 25.

20 apr 2018
20 apr

We invite scholars to think about the notion of humanitarian knowledge in a multidisciplinary way, by combining perspectives such as gender history, the histories of emotions and the body, literary and visual culture studies, global health history, as well as the history of institutions and their agents.

24 mai 2018
24 mai

The conference brings together leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of Culture of Gender and Feminist Research.

04 jun 2018
04 jun

This 2-day conference provides a multi-disciplinary forum for the further development of social science approaches to Intersex and Variations of Sex Characteristics.

07 jun 2018

Save the date: XII Nordiska kvinno- och genushistorikermötet i Uleåborg

07 jun til 09 jun
University of Oulo

Konferensteman: Kris
Call for papers öppnas i augusti 2017

20 aug 2018
20 aug

Mary Mitchell O’Connor, Minister of State with special responsibility for Higher Education announced that Ireland will host the 10th European Conference on Gender Equality in Higher Education.

12 sep 2018
12 sep til 15 sep

ATGENDER invites you to the 10th edition of the European Feminist Research Conference!

11 okt 2018
11 okt

Join the most influential thought leaders in equality and diversity for 2 days of inspiring speakers, pertinent case studies, networking and knowledge collaboration, addressing the intersectionality of equality, diversity and inclusion in STEMM globally through policy, practice and collaboration.

Ledige stillinger

Finn informasjon om stillinger innen forsknings- og likestillingsarbeid med kjønnsprofil, både i og utenfor Norden.
03. januar 2018

Skatteverket skapar samhällsnytta och har ett högt förtroende hos allmänhet och företag. Vi tänker nytt och befinner oss i ständig utveckling. Nyfikenhet och ständigt lärande är förutsättningar för att kunna göra ett bra jobb hos oss.

Call for papers

14. desember 2017

Anyone interested in presenting a paper at the symposium in Oslo is invited to submit an abstract of 300 words. Presentations can be made in English or a Scandinavian language.

15. desember 2017

The organizers of this conference invite historians to reflect on the impact of the Great War on gender from the specific angle of learned discourses.

15. desember 2017

We are looking for articles and essays from every field of social sciences and humanities, which critically investigate men and masculinities. The submissions can be written either in English or Turkish.


Finn informasjon om finansiering rettet spesifikt mot forskning og prosjekter som handler om kjønn, både i og utenfor Norden.
15. mars 2018

The co-funded call will be inviting research projects applying a gender dimension in addressing urgent societal challenges. To be launched by the end of December!