Men's health

Men's health

4 February 2016
Nordic men need to start seeing the doctor before it is too late. Nordic women need to become better at talking about their work environment. And the politicians who are crafting tomorrow’s health policy need to put on their gender spectacles, state researchers.
15 October 2015
Men living in highly gender equal societies have better quality of life than men in less gender equal societies, according to new research from Øystein Gullvåg Holter.
23 June 2015
The majority of men who use violence against their partner struggle with serious mental health issues. We need to look at more than just the power relations between the sexes in order to understand and prevent domestic violence, says researcher.
29 April 2015

Previously long-term exhaustion was considered a male disorder caused by societal pressures. Today women comprise the majority of ME patients, and they feel that their condition is their own fault.

23 October 2013

The implications of prostate cancer get men thinking about what it means to be a man, according to a Norwegian doctoral thesis.

26 March 2012

“Dirty old men” or asexual seniors? Research on sexuality and old age paves the way for a new view of masculinity.