Gender equality

Gender equality

16. May 2017
The history of divorce reveals hidden stories of love, domestic violence and societal ideals for a healthy marriage.
03. May 2017
When Harriet Bjerrum Nielsen interviewed three generations of Norwegian women and men, she discovered how the emotional perception of gender has developed over time.
26. October 2016
Men still hire men at the highest levels of society. According to researcher Siri Terjesen, gender quotas in the boardroom are the key to counteracting this culture of bias.
14. October 2016
According to sociologist Ingvill Stuvøy, the debate on surrogacy has added new meanings to the concept of equality.
15. October 2015
Men living in highly gender equal societies have better quality of life than men in less gender equal societies, according to new research from Øystein Gullvåg Holter.
20. December 2013

The greatest gender differences concerning the division of labour occur during the Christmas preparations. There will be no magical Christmas without mum's efforts.

27. September 2013

During the course of 200 years, a European ideal concerning equality gradually became a Norwegian export commodity. The fight for equal rights was not necessarily, however, what led Norway to being at the forefront of equality. The liberalisation of the economy was just as important, according to a new book celebrating Norwegian history of equality from 1814-2013.

17. September 2013

Boys in primary school talk about their feelings and hold hands. And they are very, very concerned about their bodies and appearance.

04. July 2012

Gender equality in the family reduces the risk of violence by two-thirds. This is according to a new European study.

11. April 2007

The old measures cannot take us all the way. The key to economic gender equality is the father, claims economist Hilde Bojer.


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