20 November 2019
Gender equality generates better results within research and innovation. In addition, EU bureaucrats argue that European research funding should be earmarked with specific requirements for gender perspectives.
11 September 2019
“Women’s history brings forth knowledge concerning one half of humanity, and makes sure that the discipline does not become gender blind,” says professor of history at University of Oslo, Hilde Sandvik.
6 March 2019
Values like equality, inclusion and diversity are being stifled by the prevailing management ideology in academia, critics note. “We must create an academic culture of compassion,” says British organizational psychologist Kathryn Waddington.
19 November 2018
Academic freedom is threatened by authoritarian right-wing populism in countries in Europe and Latin America. Listen to a podcast discussing why this matters to women's rights.
19 November 2018
How are Hungarian, Polish and Swedish gender scholars responding to criticism and campaigns to discredit their work? Not only do they emphasize the intrinsic value of gender studies – they also use humour to counter the anti-gender campaigns.
23 October 2018
The legacy from colonialism characterises Norwegian academia. Now, Norwegian researchers want to examine their own disciplines and include non-western perspectives in the academic institutions’ scholarly production.
25 September 2018
A new working group will document the extent of sexual harassment in Norwegian academia. Now Sweden is encouraging Norway to follow its lead and set aside money for research in this area.
7 September 2018
In Hungary, the authorities are planning to close down and ban gender studies. This attack on gender research must be seen in connection with right-wing populism’s anti-feminist values, writes Linda Marie Rustad.
30 November 2017
Ever wondered what it takes to achieve a gender balanced and diverse staff? In academia, the most knowledge-intensive sector in society, the answers are hard to find. In this podcast, the experts discuss barriers and offer solutions.
2 June 2016
The Research Council’s Director-General Arvid Hallén was honest in his review of more than two years’ work with mainstreaming of gender perspectives in research. Norway still has a long way to go.
25 February 2016
The journal NORA was on the verge of becoming history. Unpaid volunteer work with journals gives no official credit in the Norwegian academic system. But Beatrice Halsaa and Anka Ryall reached the conclusion that the journal is essential. Their first issue will be out soon.
12 February 2016
Not necessarily, according to researchers. More women than men do research on gender, but all female researchers are not concerned with gender.
21 December 2015
Both male and female researchers with children struggle to combine career and family. The competition is coming more and more from international researchers who don’t have children or access to welfare benefits such as parental leave.
9 April 2015

It is more difficult for women to meet the requirements to qualify for tenure track positions.

15 August 2014

Women physicists at CERN are locked in a structure and culture that is highly male dominated at all levels. The women’s movement and gender equality have not reached the physics fields, according to a history of science researcher. 



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