Gender based violence

Gender based violence

25. April 2017
A survey of rape convictions in Norway reveals systematic discrimination of men with minority background and of women.
19. April 2017
Young women who have experienced violence may be difficult to detect. In online reader’s queries, they try to put what is going on in their relationship into words.
03. August 2016
Teenagers who send digital messages with sexual contents are far more exposed to violence in love relationships than others.
13. June 2016
In order to say anything about gender and violence – apart from counting the number of men and women who abuse or are being abused – we need to look at the meaning behind the violence, according to the Norwegian researcher Hilde Jakobsen.
28. October 2015
Men who receive help from crisis centres are mostly satisfied with the help they get. But they fear that nobody will believe that they’ve been abused by a woman.
23. June 2015
The majority of men who use violence against their partner struggle with serious mental health issues. We need to look at more than just the power relations between the sexes in order to understand and prevent domestic violence, says researcher.
28. February 2014

Having a higher income or education than your partner could be risky, as a higher socio-economic status than ones partner increases the chance of psychological violence and abuse. This applies to both men and women.

24. August 2012

“Although the gender-equal man is the norm, men’s violence against women hasn’t disappeared. But it’s more difficult to spot because the abusers don’t define it as domestic abuse,” says masculinities researcher Lucas Gottzén.

04. July 2012

Gender equality in the family reduces the risk of violence by two-thirds. This is according to a new European study.

13. January 2012

Violence is neither a women’s problem nor a men’s problem. According to Professor Tove Ingebjørg Fjell at the University of Bergen, it is a human problem. She conducts research on men who are physically abused by their intimate partners.

13. October 2010

Is forced marriage an immigration problem or violence against women and children? According to researcher Anja Bredal, the Norwegian authorities have not totally made up their minds. 

09. July 2009

Violence inflicted by an intimate partner lasts longer if the couple has children together, and the violence continues after the relationship ends. In addition, children are harmed more by witnessing violence between their parents than previously thought.

24. July 2005

The Nordic countries are in a unique position in the fight against mens’ violence against women. However, challenges remain that the Nordic countries have not addressed, says Liz Kelly.


Bitsch, Anne & Marit Elisabeth Klemetsen