25 October 2017
While the number of Swedes supporting the sex purchase ban is rising, more people also feel positive towards a ban on selling sex. Thus, the goal of transferring stigma from seller to buyer is still not achieved.
22 June 2017
Female drug dealers are a minority. According to sociologist Heidi Grundetjern, they gain self-confidence by succeeding in a cutthroat business, but they do not challenge the male dominance.
25 April 2017
A survey of rape convictions in Norway reveals systematic discrimination of men with minority background and of women.
5 August 2014

With increased focus on human trafficking fighting prostitution has become a higher status issue in the police force. But the police do not go after prostitution as such; they go after prostitutes with an immigrant background.

20 December 2013

An in-depth look into Norwegian newspapers from 1913 shows that most of the stories about women involved female criminals. The fact that women’s suffrage was introduced in Norway went unnoticed.

14 November 2013

In Norway condoms are distributed to prostitutes, while in Sweden this runs counter to its zero-tolerance policy. The idea of a common Nordic model for dealing with prostitution is not reflected in practice.

3 July 2013
The Nigerian women who are identified as victims of human trafficking are offered assistance if they return voluntarily to their home country. But the support they receive has little significance for their lives one year after they return, according to a new Danish study.
7 October 2011

If we believe criminologist Thomas Ugelvik, Norwegian prisons are filled with freedom. Through relentless entrepreneurship the inmates are able to fool the system and reclaim their manhood.

28 September 2010

Medical evidence in sexual assault cases may increase the odds of conviction, but the police often fail to use the documentation gathered at sexual assault centres. What determines whether or not the police make use of the evidence available?