24 January 2018
White men dominate leader positions in the Norwegian petroleum industry. If you’re a woman and want to climb the career ladder, you need to keep your mouth shut when there’s talk of gender and equality, according to researchers.
17 January 2018
The #metoo campaign has shown that sexual harassment in the workplace is a large-scale societal problem. Now, researchers want to change focus from spicy stories to constructive debate on sexuality and power.
25 October 2017
While the number of Swedes supporting the sex purchase ban is rising, more people also feel positive towards a ban on selling sex. Thus, the goal of transferring stigma from seller to buyer is still not achieved.
9 September 2016
Exclusion during the student days may result in lower ambitions when entering the job market. In bioengineering, male students with minority background are struggling the most.
9 August 2016
Who should take over the business after dad? Sons are still preferred to girls in family businesses.
21 April 2016
A part-time job does not necessarily mean long-term success for integration into working life. Many immigrant women fall out of the labour market after being employed for a while.
28 January 2016
Well-respected female leaders in Norway dress in a traditionally feminine way. This may change the way we perceive feminine signs and symbols, according to researchers.
13 August 2015
Norwegian families who have an au pair, believe they help women from poor countries to a better future.
29 July 2015
Norwegian authorities describe the au pair scheme as cultural exchange. In reality, au pairs are professional housemaids with a salary as low as 69 Norwegian kroner an hour, according to researcher.
9 April 2015

It is more difficult for women to meet the requirements to qualify for tenure track positions.

20 December 2013

The greatest gender differences concerning the division of labour occur during the Christmas preparations. There will be no magical Christmas without mum's efforts.

11 January 2013

According to a new doctoral thesis, there is no difference in the leadership styles of men and women. In groups comprised of both genders, an androgynous leadership style was found to be the best for creating a climate for innovation.

17 March 2011

When traditional Norwegian farming is converted to nature-based agritourism, the gender roles on the farm change. Often the women become the general managers, while the men take over in the kitchen.

11 November 2009

The better the gender balance, the more we benefit from the pool of researcher talent. This is the argument made by the independent research institutes for their own gender equality efforts. However, a new study shows that women are in short supply at the highest levels of research and in leadership positions within the sector.