Women's and gender history

Women's and gender history

1 June 2015

Norway's new Queer Archive is burgeoning with hidden stories about sex and gender transgressions, just waiting for researchers to dig in and explore.

26 March 2015

Women played an important part in Viking Age society, and their role far exceeded that of mother and the “housewife”. Why, then, are they barely mentioned in the history books? 

20 December 2013

An in-depth look into Norwegian newspapers from 1913 shows that most of the stories about women involved female criminals. The fact that women’s suffrage was introduced in Norway went unnoticed.

27 September 2013

During the course of 200 years, a European ideal concerning equality gradually became a Norwegian export commodity. The fight for equal rights was not necessarily, however, what led Norway to being at the forefront of equality. The liberalisation of the economy was just as important, according to a new book celebrating Norwegian history of equality from 1814-2013.

29 April 2013

Camilla Collett is famous for writing one novel, but her authorship consists of a large body of essays. Tone Selboe directs the attention to the essayist Camilla Collett in a new book.

11 April 2013

If a nineteenth century country girl wanted to show romantic feelings for a boy, she might give him a self-knitted codpiece as a token of love. The knitted codpiece is one of many objects displayed at an exhibition about women’s rights and living conditions in Norway.

19 March 2013

Badly written, trivial, unlikely plot, rubbish, aimed at immature young women. Comments on modern Pulp Fiction? No, these reviews are approximately 250 years old.  

23 January 2013

A minor revolution took place in the course of one generation: Norwegian women went from being homemakers to wage-earners. This has been highly significant for the Norwegian economy over the past 40 years.

16 November 2011

In the 1800s, Norwegian missionaries had to strike a balance between Christian virtues and the new, modern man’s role. The solution was to be meek before God and mighty before men.

23 June 2011

A book on a shelf at the university bookstore in Lund was the start of a research career for Karin Widerberg, Professor of Sociology at the University of Oslo.

29 March 2011

Why is killing one’s enemies regarded as more important than raising children? This question was posed by the philosopher “Sophia” as early as the 1700s. “Feminist philosophy didn’t emerge in the 1960s. Questions like these have a long-standing tradition in the field,” says philosopher Tove Pettersen of the University of Oslo.

1 October 2009

Eye, space and body – these are three key words that apply not only to the work of art historian Anne Wichstrøm on female artists from 1850 to 1900, but also to her own life.

27 July 2007

We have too rarely asked ourselves what it has meant to be a man throughout history. This is something we must uncover! Norway's first and most renowned women's historian is ready for new challenges. And she won't stop until someone says "Gabrielsen".