Family and relationships

Family and relationships

30. May 2017
While western couples get their longed-for child, Indian surrogate mothers are left with a feeling of having sacrificed more than they have gained. Surrogacy can never become a win-win situation, according to anthropologist Kristin Engh Førde.
16. May 2017
The history of divorce reveals hidden stories of love, domestic violence and societal ideals for a healthy marriage.
03. May 2017
When Harriet Bjerrum Nielsen interviewed three generations of Norwegian women and men, she discovered how the emotional perception of gender has developed over time.
19. April 2017
Young women who have experienced violence may be difficult to detect. In online reader’s queries, they try to put what is going on in their relationship into words.
31. January 2017
The debate concerning reproductive technology in Norway challenges the limits for what is considered natural pregnancy.
19. January 2017
Training programmes focusing on fatherhood may make fathers in prison more law-abiding, according to Gunnar Vold Hansen.
12. January 2017
“The gender positions in Egyptian society are changing,” says Monika Lindbekk. According to her, clear-cut antagonism between Islamism and feminism is now being challenged by legal changes.
09. August 2016
Who should take over the business after dad? Sons are still preferred to girls in family businesses.
20. June 2016
If you are a male immigrant and marry a woman from a country other than your own, you increase your chances of a good job and a high income. This applies whether the woman you marry is Norwegian or not.
13. June 2016
In order to say anything about gender and violence – apart from counting the number of men and women who abuse or are being abused – we need to look at the meaning behind the violence, according to the Norwegian researcher Hilde Jakobsen.
30. March 2016
When Norwegian law meets Muslim family law, the human rights of Muslim immigrant women are violated. This is one of the findings in a new doctoral dissertation.
20. December 2013

The greatest gender differences concerning the division of labour occur during the Christmas preparations. There will be no magical Christmas without mum's efforts.

04. July 2012

Gender equality in the family reduces the risk of violence by two-thirds. This is according to a new European study.

09. July 2009

Violence inflicted by an intimate partner lasts longer if the couple has children together, and the violence continues after the relationship ends. In addition, children are harmed more by witnessing violence between their parents than previously thought.

11. April 2007

The old measures cannot take us all the way. The key to economic gender equality is the father, claims economist Hilde Bojer.