Call for papers

Call for papers

30 Sep

Call for papers for a special issue about solidarity. Solidarity as a form of feminist organizing envisages a shared responsibility for the lives of others, working with care and intimacy, resistance against socio-economic inequalities and patriarchal power, and the possibility of social transformations through 'democratic engagement'.

01 Nov

Call for contributions to a stream in the Gender Work and Organization conference
June 2020 at the University of Kent, Canterbury, UK, on the theme gender, work and organization in rural areas.

10 Dec

Geomedia 2019 welcomes proposals for individual papers as well as thematic panels in English through the conference website.

What's on

23 Sep 2019

The Department of Philosophy at UiT - The Arctic University of Norway invites to an international workshop on gender in academia in general, and on gender imbalance within philosophy in particular. With Inga Bostad and Tove Pettersen from the University of Oslo.

23 Sep 2019

The conference sets out to examine the construction of equality in the equality and anti-discrimination laws in the different Nordic countries. The Nordic Law and Gender Conference 2019 is a biannual event.

25 Sep 2019

The research group Welfare, Rights and Discrimination (VERDI) Faculty of Law at the University of Oslo, invite to a guest lecture with professor Susanne Zwingel from the Department of Politics and international Relations
at Florida International University.

Latest vacancies

Find information about gender profiled jobs, internships, research positions etc, within and outside of the Nordic Region.
25 September 2019

The Development Fund (DF) seeks experienced consultant with in depth expertise in gender and promotion of gender equality in development programs to conduct a gender assessment of DF’s projects and programmes since 2012.

3 October 2019

Forskarutbildningsämne: Industriell ekonomi och organisation

Vi söker en doktorand till ett forskningsprojekt om organisation och förändring med ett genusperspektiv, särskilt jämställdhet- och mångfaldsarbete, placerad vid Institutionen för industriell ekonomi och organisation.

31 October 2019

Tehtävä täytetään 1.3.2020 alkaen toistaiseksi. Haku päättyy 31.10.2019.


Find information on gender profiled funding for projects, research and other types of funding - within and outside of the Nordic Region.
1 October 2019

Senter for likestilling ved Universitetet i Agder lyser ut tre stipender på kr. 10.000,- til UiA-studenter som skal skrive masteroppgave om likestillingsproblematikk i 2019-2020.

1 October 2019

Dagrunn Grønbechs legat utlyser stipendmidler med formål om å belyse ulike sider ved kvinnekultur, kvinners mangfold av arbeidsoppgaver og ansvarsområder. Alle med interesse for kvinneforskning, formidling med kvinneperspektiv og andre som ønsker å synliggjøre kvinners betydning kan søke.

15 October 2019

Skeivt arkiv er det nasjonale arkivet for dokumentasjon og formidling av skeiv historie og lyser nå ut inntil to stipender på 30 00 kroner til masterprosjekter som omhandler norsk skeiv historie.