Kilden develops digital content on behalf of a variety of stakeholders. We also carry out smaller research projects and write reports.

Our key areas of knowledge are gender, research and communication.

These are some of our projects.

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In 2020 Kilden published a report reviewing Norwegian research on artificial intelligence (AI) and gender equality. A summary of the review's most important findings have been translated to English.
Kilden has mapped the similarities and differences among European knowledge centres that work with gender equality in research and disseminate gender research as a core activity.
Kilden is a partner of GE Academy (2019-2021), a Horizon 2020 funded project which develops and implement capacity-building programs on gender equality in research and innovation (R&I).
In this project, we are collecting and presenting good examples, ideas and guidelines demonstrating how gender dimensions might effectively be integrated in research within various topics. is a website of resources and information about gender and diversity work in research and academia. Kilden is responsible for the content and for updating the website, on behalf of the Committee for Gender Balance and Diversity in Research.
GENDER-NET is an EU-project with the goal of increasing gender equality in academia, and better integration of gender perspectives in research. Kilden participates in the project on behalf of the Research Council of Norway.
Master suppression techniques are strategies people or groups of people can use to dominate or humiliate others in a subtle, indirect way. They have been popularized by Professor Berit Ås. In cooperation with Ås, Kilden is presenting The master suppression techniques. The presentation is also available in Norwegian, Spanish and Swedish.