Linda Marie Rustad
Director of Kilden
Editor in Chief for Kilden’s news magazine
+47 99 36 31 52


Kristine Sundvor Solvin
95 93 77 50

Kristine is our communications adviser and is in charge of our social media accounts. She is also responsible for communicating all our activities here at Kilden, like our events and our publications.


Susanne Dorthea Dietrichson
Senior Adviser
+47 45 42 96 41

Susanne is a Science Journalist and part of the editorial staff at Kilden’s news magazine.


Tyra Kristiansen Stave
+47 40 23 31 41

Tyra is a journalist and part of the editorial staff at Kilden’s news magazine. She is in charge of the English version of the magazine and also our English social media accounts.


Trine Rogg Korsvik
Senior Adviser
+47 90 51 67 11

Trine develops research overviews and projects related to integrating the gender dimension in research. Read about the work here. From 2019-2021 she participates in the EU project Gender Equality Academy, where Kilden is a partner. She also manages Kilden’s women’s history project


Kristin Aukland
Senior Adviser
+47 95 12 14 86

Kristin is responsible for content development and updates at, the official website of the Committe for Gender Balance and Diversity. She tweets on behalf of kifinfo at @kifinfo.


Vibeke Hoem
+47 99 72 15 33 

Vibeke works with content development at, and with projects involving our other collaborating partners. 


Elin Rekdal Müller
+47 99 71 21 29

Elin is the webmaster for She also works with research overviews, in addition to being the editorial secretary for the Journal of Gender Research.


Marie Hulthin
+47 99 40 20 81

Marie works with research overviews.