National Research School in Gender Research

National Research School in Gender Research

Learn and explore how you can apply feminist and gender theories to your PhD research.

The National Research School in Gender Research is for students who aim to use gender perspectives and theories in their PhD work. At the courses you will meet other PhD students and established researchers in the field of gender research. 

The Research School organises courses in feminist theory, feminist theory of science and feminist methods, in addition to courses in specific themes.

The National Research School does not offer a full PhD programme, but is an important supplement to the required PhD courses at the various universities and institutes. 

The number of courses you may take at the Research School for Gender Research depends on the institutional requirements of your PhD programme.

Each student must apply to have courses in feminist theories of science and feminist methods count towards the required coursework in their PhD programme.

The National Research School in Gender Research is part of InterGender Research school in Interdisciplinary Gender Studies.


Courses 2020:


The Centre for Women’s and Gender Research at UiT The Arctic University of Norway invites you to a PhD course called Feminist theories, methodologies and epistemologies in research processes.

Time and place:

24-26 November, Tromsø, Norway.

Registration deadline: 

1 September.