National Research School in Gender Research

National Research School in Gender Research

Learn and explore how you can apply feminist and gender theories to your PhD research.

The National Research School in Gender Research is for students who aim to use gender perspectives and theories in their PhD work. At the courses you will meet other PhD students and established researchers in the field of gender research. 

The Research School organises courses in feminist theory, feminist theory of science and feminist methods, in addition to courses in specific themes.

The National Research School does not offer a full PhD programme, but is an important supplement to the required PhD courses at the various universities and institutes. 

The number of courses you may take at the Research School for Gender Research depends on the institutional requirements of your PhD programme.

Each student must apply to have courses in feminist theories of science and feminist methods count towards the required coursework in their PhD programme.

The National Research School in Gender Research is part of InterGender Research school in Interdisciplinary Gender Studies.


Courses 2017:

Ph.D. Gathering Prior to Kjønnsforskning Nå!: Workshop in Writing with Prof. Nina Lykke

When: Wednesday June 7th, 2–7 pm, followed by dinner

Where: STK, UiO, Nemkobygget, Gaustadalléen 30D, Oslo

Every other year, the National Research School in Gender Studies arranges a gathering for Ph.D. candidates prior to Kjønnsforskning Nå!  Here we work concretely with challenges regarding gender analysis and writing. We provide ample time to discuss dissertation projects in smaller groups. Ph.D. candidates from all over Norway meet and get to know each other better.

This year, prof. Nina Lykke, author of (amongst other) Feminist studies: a guide to intersectional theory, methodology and writing (Routledge 2010), Theories and methodologies in postgraduate feminist research: researching differently (with Rosemarie Buikema og Gabriele Griffin) (Routledge 2011) and Writing academic texts differently: intersectional feminist methodologies and the playful art of writing (2014), will lead a workshop in writing. Welcome to an exiting event!

To be handed in prior to the gathering: A note of 2–5 pages where you provide 1) a short summary of your dissertation and 2) either an analytical question, or a short piece of empirical data to be analysed.

The workshop and dinner are provided by the research school but you must pay your own travel and living expenses. If you do not have funding from your own institution, you can apply for funding from the research school.

Registration by June 1st  to Mark your registration with “Stipendiatsamling.” Attach the 2-5 note.

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