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Upcoming events

27 Jun 2017
27 Jun

In this talk, Jeroen Rijnders (PhD CSMN/Philosophy, University of Oslo) analyse the main arguments for and against free sexual preferences, focusing mainly on race and sexual orientation.

29 Jun 2017
29 Jun

Is queer space just for Pride? Are we really “post-gay,” as many argue? No. Queers and queer spaces are needed more than ever. With Jen Jack Gieseking.

03 Jul 2017
03 Jul
Katy Deepwell

This event is open to students, artists, academics and curators interested in feminism and contemporary art. The small fee is to cover the cost of catering for lunch and tea/coffee.

14 Jul 2017
14 Jul to 16 Jul

What are our prevailing images of the city as past and present, magnet and threat? Do cities retain their lust​re as citadels of enlightenment and art or are they urban dinosaurs wracked by over-crowdedness and pollution?

30 Jul 2017
30 Jul

The 13th Women’s Worlds (WW) conference — an international and interdisciplinary gathering of and about women — will take place from July 30 to August 04, 2017 in Florianópolis, Brazil, in Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (UFSC), with another international conference on gender, women, and sexuality: Fazendo Gênero 11 (Making Gender).

Why should you participate? Because this will be a unique opportunity of bringing together experiences, researches, and voices around the world about women and gender issues. This will be the first time the WW conference will be hosted in South America.

27 Aug 2017
27 Aug to 30 Aug

International conference at the University of Oslo

06 Sep 2017
06 Sep

The WONDER seminar will take place in connection with the E&PDE conference

21 Sep 2017
21 Sep

This free, interdisciplinary event is aimed at PhD students and early career researchers across the social sciences.

10 Oct 2017
10 Oct to 11 Oct

Discussion relating to the current status of women, with a special focus on categories that constitute potential challenges to gender equality and women’s rights.

17 Nov 2017
17 Nov

This interdisciplinary conference seeks to explore various accounts of South-Eastern and Eastern European researchers (and their Western peers) concerning topics connected to media studies, cultural studies, public space, and their intersection with gender and queer studies.

23 Nov 2017
23 Nov

The annual Finnish gender studies conference Genders through time will be organized at the University of Jyväskylä on 23rd- 25th of November 2017 in collaboration between the University of Jyväskylä and the Association for Gender Studies in Finland (SUNS).

11 Dec 2017
11 Dec to 12 Dec

This conference encourages discussion across disciplines, cultures and historical periods, with a particular focus on broadening emotions history beyond its hitherto largely Western context.

14 Dec 2017
14 Dec to 15 Dec

his conference aims to refine the theoretical understanding of social and cultural processes regarding the formation of ethnicities and ethnic diversity.

13 Aug 2018
13 Aug to 14 Aug

The conference brings together leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of Culture of Gender and Feminist Research.

Latest vacancies

Find information about gender profiled jobs, internships, research positions etc, within and outside of the Nordic Region.
04. July 2017

The registration of applications will begin on 5 May and will close on 4 July 2017 at 13:00 Eastern European Time (EET).

Application form: http://eige.europa.eu/about-eige/recruitment/eige-2017-sne-gbv

06. July 2017

We are looking for an outstanding candidate to join our thriving Department of Sociology as an Assistant Professor at an important stage in its development.

06. July 2017

We are looking for an outstanding candidate to join our thriving Department of Sociology as an Assistant Professor at an important stage in its development.

Call for papers

30. May 2017

We welcome proposals from various disciplines in the social sciences. They can analyse laws, programmes, statistical local or regional studies as well as those of one or more countries, case studies or multifaceted (policies and practices, for example) analyses in varied geographical spheres (Africa,Latin America, Middle East, Asia, Australasia).

15. July 2017

Though the concepts of diversity and inclusion are still widely used in the contexts of organisational design, policy-making and academic research, the notion of superdiversity is becoming more and more prominent.

30. July 2017

QueerFemSEE aims to open a discussion space for students, scholars, artists and activists who are interested in the way different queer and feminist discourses function within their own culture and recent/contemporary history and/or beyond.


Find information on gender profiled funding for projects, research and other types of funding - within and outside of the Nordic Region.
30. August 2017

Faber hosts for a month professionals, researchers and artists whose work builds on feminism, either at the theoretical, empirical or artistic level.

01. September 2017

Ved Institutt for sosialantropologi er det ledig en midlertidig stilling som stipendiat i sosialantropologi for en periode på fire år, med arbeidsplikt.

06. September 2017

The Horizon Prize for the Birth day will be awarded to a solution that best demonstrates a reduction in maternal and/or newborn morbidity and mortality and/or stillbirths during facility-based deliveries. This solution will need to be novel, safe and scalable.