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28 Oct 2020
28 Oct

Prestige Project invites you to take part in the workshop on gender and organizational changes. It will be particularly useful for those who have been sitting in selection committees and have had recruiting responsibilities.

16 Nov 2020
16 Nov

In tune with the ERC's mission and EU Commission goals, this online workshop aims at creating a platform to showcase and discuss innovative approaches to address gender dimensions in research.

19 Nov 2020
19 Nov

Hvorfor er så mange menn barnløse? Eller er de det? Og hva med arbeidermannens status i dagens Norge? Er det slik at menn ikke vil bli lærere og hvorfor snakker vi ikke mer om menn som voldsofre?

Kilden kjønnsforskning.no og Reform – ressurssenter for menn, arrangerer seminar om forskning på menn og maskuliniteter.

24 Nov 2020
24 Nov to 26 Nov

Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education at UiT The Arctic University of Norway welcomes applications to a course on feminist and gender epistemologies, theories and methodologies. The course is offered by the National Research School in Gender Research. Application deadline June 1th/September 1th.

24 Nov 2020
24 Nov

Gender Equality Academy is arranging an online workshop on gender sensitive leadership, where you can learn about the importance of achieving a better gender balance, and how to practically do so in your unit.

29 Nov 2020
HL-senteret Oslo
29 Nov
Cultural event

I dette foredraget gir historiker og forfatter Mari Jonassen et overblikk over kvinners innsats i årene 1940-1945.

13 Aug 2021
13 Aug to 14 Aug

Stockholm University's conference commemorates the centennial of the introduction of universal and equal suffrage in Sweden. The aim is to initiate and present research on the introduction of women’s suffrage.

28 Oct 2021
28 Oct to 31 Oct

The National Central Library of Taiwan, the Nordic Institute of Asian Studies and Taiwanese Feminist Scholars Association organize a conference on the strategies for and complexities in feminist transformative practices at local, regional, national and transnational levels.

Call for papers

15 February 2021

This conference commemorates the centennial of the introduction of universal and equal suffrage in Sweden.


Find information on gender profiled funding for projects, research and other types of funding - within and outside of the Nordic Region.
30 November 2020

Foreningen for kjønnsforskning (FOK) lyser ut et reisestipend på opptil 10 000 NOK som kan brukes til faglig begrunnede formål. Stipendet kan søkes av alle FOKs medlemmer.