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Linda Marie Rustad
Director of Kilden Information Centre for Gender Research in Norway
Editor in Chief for Kilden’s webmagazine
+ 47 993 631 52


Kristin Aukland
Senior Adviser
+ 47 22 03 80 86
Kristin is responsible for content development and updates at, the official website of the Committe for Gender Balance and Diversity. She tweets on behalf of kifinfo on @kifinfo


Anne Winsnes Rødland
+ 47 22 03 80 88
Anne is responsible for a pre-project which aims to develop a knowledge portal about women’s health. The project is funded by the Norwgian Women’s Health Association and Kilden. Anne is responsible for Kilden’s webpage in English, as well as @genderresearch on Twitter and Facebook.


Ida Irene Bergstrøm (on leave)


Trine Rogg Korsvik
Senior Adviser
Trine is responsible for writing a publication about integrating gender perspectives in research. 


Mari Lilleslåtten
+ 47 22 03 80 84
Mari is a Science Journalist in Kilden kjø’s webmagazine, and has the overall responsibility for our webpage and social media accounts.  She is also responsible for Kilden’s podcast.


Susanne Dorthea Dietrichson
Senior Adviser
+47 22 03 80 79
Susanne is a Science Journalist in Kilden kjø’s webmagazine. She tweets on behalf of the magazine at @kjonnsforskning.


Benedicte Sørum
Higher Executive Officer
+47 22 03 80 85
Benedicte works as an information officer at


Anette Skilbred
Higher Executive Officer
Anette is the editorial secretary for the Journal for Gender Research. She is also responsible for What’s on and New publications.